Variety of services offered

Variety of services offered

MiniQuip offers a variety of services capable of any job on any site. Our excavators, plant and earth moving machines are small and compact in size and can be manoeuvred into small or complicated areas to get your project done.

Our excavators and machines are available for wet or dry hire. If time is of the essence, consider wet hire as our experienced operators will have your job done in the most efficient and timely manner. Alternatively, if you feel that you are an accomplished operator, opt for dry hire. All our equipment is available for short and long term hire.

Services for Machinery and Equipment Hire:



For footings, electrical, plumbing, communications, reticulation, stormwater drainage or infill sewerage.

General Excavations

Swimming pools, soakwell installations, workshop service pits, home extensions, stump removal and general earthworks.

Detailed Excavations

Retaining batters, landscaping and commercial foundations.

Rock Breaking

For swimming pools, trenching, soakwell installation, foundations, house and shed pads.

Concrete Demolition

Services include demolition of concrete swimming pools, concrete slabs and surfaces, commercial and industrial internal brick and concrete partitions. We also provide multi-storey and confined access rock breaking services to WA’s leading demolition companies.

Post Hole Augering

For fence posts, barrier railing, piers, retaining walls and soil sampling. Augers are available for our 14t excavators for screwpiling, piles, post holes and footing bases.

Road Sweeper

Mounted to our skid steer loader for small pathway and car park cleanups

Delivery Services

Delivery of the MiniQuip fleet to site on time is a major priority. Moving a sizable and very mobile fleet takes logistical planning, for this reason MiniQuip has dedicated fleet controllers with company transporters and additional contractors delivering and picking up equipment throughout Perth, wherever and whenever they are required.

Customers organising their own transportation of equipment must ensure all MiniQuip machinery & equipment is comprehensively insured for the duration of transport.

MiniQuip are able to offer very competitively priced metropolitan transportation costs at the time of booking equipment. Ask one of our friendly team for a price when you book your next hire.

MiniQuip Account

Find out more about having a MiniQuip account

Having a pre-approved credit account with MiniQuip is another way of making your equipment bookings quick and easy. Download, complete and submit a MiniQuip credit application form today to apply for your 30 day credit account.

MiniQuip recommends all customers download a copy of the MiniQuip Terms & Conditions of Hire to eliminate any misunderstandings of our terms and conditions, and the hirers obligations when hiring equipment and services:

Note: Terms & Conditions for the supply of contract services are available on request. 

Alternatively, ring our friendly staff on (08) 9434 9800 to organise a mail out copy of the application form and Terms and Conditions of Hire.