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Avant Construction Vehicles Available

We boast a comprehensive range of construction vehicles from Avant designed to meet various project requirements. Prominent among the fleet are advanced loaders that are both compact and efficient, ensuring maximum productivity in confined spaces.


Construction Vehicle Availability

Avant Loaders: Telescopic Articulated Mini Loaders: Our Avant machines offer superior manoeuvrability and are ideal for tight job sites where space is at a premium.
Bobcat Hire: Known for their agility, these loaders are versatile for a range of tasks from excavation, loading and carting materials to debris and tree stump removal, being articulated there is a lot less impact to grass and surfaces when compared to a Bobcat.
Machinery and Equipment: Our Avant equipment lineup is tailored to assist in a multitude of construction, tree lopping and Landscaping activities, enhancing service deliverability and overall onsite performance.
Bobcats: Available for digging, loading, levelling, carting and material handling for a multitude of tasks onsite.

All vehicles and equipment from us are well-maintained and undergo regular service checks to ensure they operate at peak efficiency. Our customer satisfaction rates reflect our commitment to providing high-quality and reliable machinery.
The diverse fleet includes a variety of Avant telescopic articulated mini wheel loaders suited for tasks ranging from light landscaping, tree lopping to intensive confined access construction projects. Our Avant inventory with its attachment line up is continually updated with the latest technology to keep pace with industry demands and innovations.

Improved Safety

Safety is a top priority for us when we provide any piece of equipment. Our company’s Avant machinery comes equipped with the latest safety features to protect operators and bystanders alike. Some of the notable safety features include:

Rollover Protection Structure (ROPS) Enclosed cabins Safety belts Ergonomically designed controls

By intuitively integrating these advancements, every loader and attachment promotes a secure environment for all involved without compromising on operational efficiency.

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We offer a diverse selection of loaders and attachments to meet various operational needs. The carefully curated collection promises improved performance and enhanced safety, featuring efficient and robust machinery designed to handle various tasks effectively.

Improved Performance

Our Avant fleet includes mini wheel loaders that are designed for optimal efficiency and productivity. The loaders boast impressive lift capacities with their telescopic booms and are complemented by a vast array of attachments suited for a multitude of different tasks, including:

Digging, Lifting, Loading and Carrying. Our Avant equipment is maintained to the highest standard, ensuring that every piece of machinery performs at its peak. We ensure each loader is ready to deliver exceptional service and performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

We pride ourselves on addressing the common queries regarding our machinery hire services for Avant. We focus on our vehicle’s features, global standing, efficiency, and insights into the market. Read below to find answers to our most commonly answered questions.

What Makes Miniquip’s Avant Wheel Loaders Different?

We offer a diverse range of Avant’s articulated mini loaders and compact wheel loaders which are renowned for their efficiency and capabilities. Our customers often seek information on services provided such as servicing and repairs. Rest assured that all of our machines come fully serviced and ready to get the job done.

What Makes Avant The Best Wheel Loaders In The World?

When examining compact excavators, our Avant machines are frequently mentioned among the best. Their efficient design and Finnish engineering make them a preferred choice for various projects. They are well-regarded for most construction site jobs.

Is Avant A Reliable and Efficient Choice?

Our Avant compact excavators are esteemed for their reliability and efficiency. Customers value the Avant’s articulated wheel loaders for their ability to navigate tight spaces. Our commitment to providing quality maintenance ensures long-term satisfaction due to our regular servicing and prompt repairs.

What Are The Market Insights For Avant Wheel Loaders?

The market for compact wheel loaders is competitive, yet we stand out due to customers’ search for efficient and reliable Avant machinery. Avant Machinery Hire has a strategic approach to machinery hire, bolstering its presence in the global market through strong customer service and Support.