Machinery Attachment Hire

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When you want to enhance the efficiency of your excavators, wheel loaders or track loaders, please look at our lineup of attachments and tools that take your equipment from one-dimensional resources to adaptable and multi-purpose machines.

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Rock Breaker We have a large range of Rock Breakers (or ‘Rockhammers’ as some people refer to them) to suit excavators from 1.6 ton to 15 ton. When it comes…
With Or Without An Operator


Rock Grab We have a range of manual and hydraulic rock grabs to fit excavators, wheel loaders and track loaders. When you’re faced with a challenging excavation project, the right…
With Or Without An Operator


Rake Buckets We have sieve or rake buckets as they are known to suit excavators from 1.6 ton to 15 ton, wheel loaders and track loaders. When you need to…
With Or Without An Operator

Why Use Machinery Attachments?

You can hire modern, late model, well serviced and compliant machinery at Miniquip for a day, week or longer term, we are flexible and offer fantastic hire rates to win and retain your ongoing business. We offer the best machinery in a variant of sizes that are suitable for performing Building, Construction, Landscaping, Road, Rail and both light and heavy industrial projects. All our compactors and rollers are only available without our operators, or as we refer to it, Dry Hire.

Why Use Machinery Attachments?

Attachments and tools can make any earthmoving equipment fleet more flexible and versatile. You can easily fit an attachment to your machine to accommodate diverse applications on residential, commercial or industrial construction sites.

Reducing overhead costs and improving work quality doesn’t only help achieve set construction timeline goals but also improves your bottom line.

Though several useful solutions are available to help you achieve this, none provide the benefits and efficiency as specialist attachments and tools. Listed below are a few benefits of hiring the right machinery attachments and tools:

  • $

    Cost Savings

    No matter what you want to achieve or the project type, you can significantly reduce overheads and save more by choosing the right machinery attachment for your construction project.

    It helps streamline various tasks and allows you to operate with increased productivity and efficiency. Also, adding an attachment to a machine is incredibly easy with the proper know-how.

  • Improved Safety

    Client and team safety should be a top priority for project managers and foremen. Adding the right attachments and tools to your plant machinery takes safety to another level.

Types Of Attachments To Enhance The Effectiveness of Your Equipment

Here are some attachments you can choose to add to your plant machine to level up performance and productivity:


An auger is an excavator or loader attachment helping you dig deeper into the ground or other materials or surfaces. It has a spiral shape that moves soil out from the hole. It’s a common attachment on most construction projects and is often utilized to drill holes for planting trees, post holes for fencing, and soil sampling.


A ripper can be mounted to an excavator, simply remove the bucket. Rippers do exactly what that Rip through the ground, ideal and often employed to scarify or break hard-packed materials, asphalt, and to loosen or remove limestone, rocks, packed roads, or tree roots.

Sieve Buckets:

Looking for a way to sift through materials quickly on your worksite? Choose a sieve bucket. It improves onsite efficiency and gets your job done swiftly. This attachment can sift through various construction and building materials, leaving debris and larger rocks separate from clay and soil & save you a lot of money on landfill cost.

Pallet Forks:

A pallet fork has multiple uses and applications for agriculture and construction material handling. Its open-sided construction makes it one of the most valuable attachments and a good investment for work. It allows the equipment to move pallets, drain pipes, limestone blocks, bricks and loose items, such as sewer pipes, around the terrain of any construction site.

Hire The Best Attachments For Your Machines At Miniquip Hire

Machines with attachments and tools can increase your onsite productivity.

Miniquip Hire can help you find and get reliable and cost-effective machinery attachments for your projects.

Miniquip Hire has an extensive inventory of tools and machinery attachments, such as:

  • Augers
  • Rock Breakers
  • Pallet Forks
  • Block Lifters
  • Chain Trenchers
  • Chains And Lifters
  • Excavator Buckets
  • Rippers
  • Grapple Buckets
  • Log Grabs
  • Rakes
  • Bruch Slashers
  • Sweepers
  • Tilt hitches and more

No matter the machine attachment you choose, they’re reliable and equipped to perform diverse construction operations on various terrains.