Vacuum & Firefighter Trailers Hire

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Miniquip’s Hire Fleet of Vacuum and Firefighter trailers are reliable, compact towable equipment for various types of construction projects. At Miniquip we rent out equipment you can rely on to cope with scheduled works or unforeseen emergencies.

We have a range of vacuum trailers with excellent performance and quick speed to remove trenching soil from surrounding utility services, intrusive tree roots, stormwater drain cleaning and more.

Can’t find the right firefighter trailers to do the job? We got you covered! Not only are our firefighter trailers capable of putting out fires at roadside locations, but they can also quench intense spot fires on off-road trails and small rural lots.

Besides fire suppression, our purposely-built firefighter trailers can help you transport water, settle dust, water trees and wet down your landscape works.

From various contractors and industries to oil, gas, rail and mining companies, municipalities, and even small acreage owners, everyone counts on Miniquip Vacuum and Firefighter trailers to provide reliable customised solutions to meet their various needs.

Designed to last longer and increase productivity, our reliable and efficient vacuum and firefighter trailers work hard and deliver low rental or ownership costs. Contact our excavation contractors. We provide complete solutions to meet our customers varying needs.


Uses For Vacuum And Firefighter Trailers

Want a powerful yet economical vacuum trailer for your construction project? Look no further than Miniquip’s massive fleet of high-quality diesel or petrol powered vacuum trailers!

Vacuum Trailers

There are multiple uses for our vacuum trailers, including:

  • To suction debris and water from drilling, hydro vacuum excavation, and other related jobs
  • To clear soil, sand or mud to safely expose underground utilities
  • Clean storm drains and soak wells
  • Containment pit upkeep and maintenance and more

Our cutting-edge vacuum trailers can help you do the work
effortlessly for various projects. Get in touch with our consultants to help find you the right equipment for your needs from our variety of diesel or petrol models.

Uses Of Vacuum and Water Trailers

Whether its Hiring equipment for Construction, Mining, Demolition, Landscaping, Civil Contracting or Infrastructure, SAFETY is our number one consideration, which is why our machines are equipped with the following safety features:

  • Fire Prevention

  • Exacavation

  • Water Transportation

Every machine also comes with an operating manual or you can access online from our website.

Firefighter Trailers

Fighting fires can be challenging, especially when you lack proper equipment. We’ve got a range of robust firefighter trailers to help you extinguish fires on any terrain –off-road or roadside.

Our reliable firefighter trailers are multi-purpose trailers. Besides eliminating and controlling fires at small properties, they can help you with the following:

  • Dust suppression
  • Water hauling
  • Livestock watering
  • Help remove/prevent bale and grass fires

Contact our consultants to help find you firefighter trailers that can meet your various needs hassle-free.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Does A Vacuum Trailer Work?

A vacuum trailer uses a high-pressure hose, which helps it excavate debris and water without damage. Vacuum pumps are utilized, allowing trailers to easily & carefully collect spoil. If your pump is powerful, your vacuum trailer excavates most soil, sludge easily.

Our Vacuum trailers are not suitable for suction of the following materials, oil, acids, raw sewer, asbestos or flammable liquids of any nature.

Are Firefighter Trailers Safe For Potable Water Transportation?

No, they aren’t. These firefighter trailers aren’t suitable for drinking water transportation or usage. Various NSF-certified resins are needed to make water potable which these trailers lack.