Bobcat Hire

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Skid Steer Loaders / Wheel Loaders (Telescopic) Hire

Miniquip’s Hire Fleet of Bobcats are available for self-drive (dry hire) or we will supply you with a qualified and safety trained operator (wet hire) to get your job done quickly safely & efficiently. If you would like some in-depth understanding of what equipment you require for a project, simply phone our knowledgeable team for a job assessment and we will be happy to assist you.


Our Bobcat Hire Services

One of the top reasons why construction companies, householders and landscapers alike choose Mini Loaders or Bobcats is thanks to the great versatility of the machines. This versatility is due to the multiple attachments that can be used throughout the range. These include buckets, trenchers, sweepers, log grapples and pallet forks.

This, in turn, makes hiring a Bobcat or Mini Loader a really affordable way to accomplish a multitude of tasks. You don’t have to hire different machines for different jobs.

Types of Bobcat and Wheel Loader Machines

Bobcat are a large manufacturer of construction equipment including compact loaders also known as skid steers and skid steer loaders. These machines are widely used on most construction sites for earthmoving, demolition, landscaping and excavation.

Our Compact loader fleet includes the mighty 4wd low impact wheel loader from manufacturer Avant, these premium little loaders offer Telescopic boom, low ground impact for turfed surfaces and superior lifting height for their size with the ability to load pallets side by side on a truck from one side were convention skid steer loaders would need to load from each side.

Both these types of Loaders are ideal for a range of residential and commercial projects including removing lawn, concrete driveways, paving, pools, cleaning up building sites as well as small or large landscaping & tree lopping projects.

Mini Bobcats

Mini skid steer loaders are perfect for getting into tight spots where the job is too big for a shovel, or the space is too small for larger machines. For instance: if you want to excavate under a house or area with low clearance, or have to work in narrow alleyways or between buildings or fences.

Medium to large-size Bobcats

For larger jobs, we recommend you hire a medium to large-size Bobcat as they have the power to tackle tougher earthmoving jobs. These include backfilling walls, levelling or grading large areas, or loading up tip trucks.

Choose from our range of attachments including 4in1 buckets, lawn levelers, rakes & pallet forks.

Bobcat Hire: Uses & Applications

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    Yard Levelling and Grading

    Regardless of the size of your backyard or worksite, a Bobcat will scrape and drag the earth to create an even level on which you can start your construction project. The machine moves quickly and easily, saving you a lot of time and effort.

    You can clear debris, level the ground, dig out soil, grade topsoil and prepare the ground for turf or paving.

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    Driveway Preparation

    If you’re creating a driveway from scratch, Toyota Skid Steer Loader or Avant wheel Loader will get the preparation work done in efficient time. These machine’s buckets are perfect for digging, removing spoil, spreading and leveling existing soil to place your concrete or paving.

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    Lawn Preparation

    With the leveler bar and bucket, you can easily level out bumps and holes in your soil pad in preparation for turfing.

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    Digging Trenches

    If you need to dig a trench to install utility lines or an irrigation system, the trencher attachment is what you’ll need. It works great in even the most difficult ground conditions as well as close to walls, fences or buildings. The size of the trencher attachment you need depends on how deep you need to dig.

Ready To Hire A Bobcat?

If you would like to hear more about Miniquip’s equipment hire, especially regarding excavators, skid steer loaders or our entire fleet of Bobcats, our team is ready to help right away.

Give us a call or enquire online for a free assessment of what you need and what Bobcat hire services we offer. Whether it’s equipment delivery or attachment hire, our Bobcat hire services ensure you will get the job done easily, affordably, and on time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Bobcat difficult to use?

When it comes to small earthmoving projects or yard cleaning or levelling, you don’t need a large wheel loader to get the job done. All you need is to be able to operate a Bobcat or small wheel loader – and most people can learn to operate these machines with a day of practice.

The controls in the operator station are easy to use and placed right where you need them. Novices and DIYers quickly learn to operate the machine and get the job done with satisfaction of doing the job themselves and celebrating a job well done.

What is the cost of hiring a Bobcat?

The cost of hiring the right Skid Steer Loader, Bobcat or Compact Wheel Loader depends on the project or task that needs to be done. It will also depend on how long you’ll need the machine for. Other factors are the size of the loader and attachments required.

Provide us with details of what your needs are and we’ll tell you what equipment you need, and provide you with a quick quote. Rates can be worked out per hour or for a fixed price per job.

What is dry vs wet hire?

Dry hire is hiring equipment on its own, i.e., without an operator and you supply the fuel, operator and insurance. In other words, whoever hires the equipment is also responsible for its operation or finding someone qualified to operate it.

Wet hire is when you hire equipment along with a qualified operator to operate the machine. Here the operator is responsible for the machinery operations, we supply the fuel and we are covered for our works by our public liability insurance.

Miniquip offers both dry hire and wet hire services throughout the greater Perth region.

Do you service your Bobcat equipment?

Our service team is renowned for our attention to detail, especially regarding the scheduled servicing and safety of all our equipment. All of our skid steer loaders and wheel loaders are regularly serviced and maintained to the highest level to ensure that no breakdowns occur when you choose our Bobcat hire.

What model of Bobcat should I hire?

What you hire depends on the type and size of the project you require the machine for. Contact us and our team will be happy to advise you on a range of equipment to suit your project needs.