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Hyundai Construction Vehicle Availability

We understand the critical role our equipment plays in the success of construction projects. Our aim is to boost your project’s efficiency and safety with our top-of-the-line fleet.


Well Maintained and Serviced

Our inventory includes the Hyundai HX145LCD excavator, known for its toughness in the demanding world of construction. Each vehicle undergoes a rigorous maintenance regime, ensuring they meet our high standards for reliability and performance. Key specifications include an overall weight of 15750kg, a Bucket size 400-1800mm, and a max dig depth of 5000mm, all tailored to optimise your construction operations in Western Australia. Regular service intervals, Daily maintenance checks.

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We offer 14.5 ton Hyundai excavators designed to conquer tough environments. Our Hyundai excavators embody efficiency, with features designed to enhance productivity on any site.

Hyundai HX145LCD Excavator:
Engine Power: Confident performance
Durability: Built for the tough world. With Hyundai Machinery Hire, you’re equipped with tough equipment for a tough world.

Product Specification and Benefits

In our comprehensive machinery lineup, Hyundai excavators stand out for their technological advancement and efficiency. We focus on providing equipment that enhances productivity and ease for workers on the job site.

Hyundai Excavators

Our Hyundai HX145LCD 14.5 tonne excavator represents a pinnacle in excavator design, balancing performance with precision. Here are its core specifications and benefits:

Engine Performance: The HX145LCD is powered by a robust engine that provides high torque at low revs, aligning with our commitment to efficiency. This results in less fuel consumption and lower operational costs.

Hydraulic System: The advanced hydraulic system in these excavators is engineered for precision, allowing workers to handle heavy loads with greater control.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Models Of Hyundai Excavators Are Available For Hire At Miniquip?

We offer Hyundai excavators including 14.5t models, versatile HX145LCD, and the robust R145RCD-9 14.5t excavator.

How Does The Hyundai Excavator’s Safety Features Align With Australia’s Regulations?

Our Hyundai excavators come equipped with advanced safety features that comply with the stringent safety regulations in Western Australia. They include reinforced cabins, safety valves, and ROPS/FOPS certifications.

What Makes Hyundai Excavators Efficient?

Hyundai excavators, such as the R145RCD-9, are designed for optimal efficiency with features like improved hydraulics and eco-friendly engines Additionally, National Lift Trucks can be hired, supporting clients nationwide with a variety of material handling solutions.

What Makes Hyundia An Efficiency Industry Solution?

Energy Efficiency – Reduced energy consumption and cost savings. Reduced Downtime – Enhanced productivity and operational flow.

We maintain a fleet of machinery that is serviced regularly, minimising downtime and guaranteeing that equipment is ready for hire without delay. The strategies we employ on-site are crafted to maximise work efficiency and extend the overall length of service life for each piece of equipment, effectively reducing waste.

Our commitment extends to every process, ensuring that we meet the service expectations of our clients in sectors such as construction. This means that machinery such as the Excavator, specifically designed for fast-paced and high-capacity environments, is a staple in our sustainable industry solutions.

By integrating these practices, we uphold our responsibility towards a more sustainable industry while maintaining the quality of our hire services across Australia.

What Makes Hyundai A Sustainable Industry Solution?

We recognise the growing need for sustainable practices within heavy machinery hiring, particularly in sectors such as construction and logistics. In Australia, particularly in WA, our focus on sustainable carbon-neutral alternatives is more crucial than ever. To this end, we prioritise energy-efficient machinery which offers both environmental benefits and operational effectiveness.

Our service includes the provision of 14.5 Ton Excavators, specifically designed for reduced emissions and higher efficiency in workplaces on any work site. We ensure that our Hyundai Machinery is selected to mitigate environmental impact without compromising on the robustness required for heavy-duty tasks.

What Yard Levelling and Grading Options Does Miniquip Offer?

Feature Detail Operating Weight 14.5 tonnes Engine Power High torque at low RPM Bucket Capacity Optimised for load and efficiency with advanced features Efficiency Improved fuel economy, lower operating costs:

Operator Comfort: We ensure that the cabins are designed for comfort and functionality, minimising operator fatigue and enhancing productivity through prolonged work hours.

Hyundai machinery benefits from leading innovation practices and modern manufacturing techniques. This means their products are designed and manufactured to excel on any work site.

Through our commitment to innovation, the integration of the new series has led to excavators that meet the rigorous demands of both precision and efficiency without compromising on reliability.