Compactor Hire

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Finding the right equipment can be challenging. Fortunately, you can hire various types of equipment like twin drum rollers and various sized plate compactors for your projects from Miniquip. Find equipment that’s appropriately-sized to fulfil the needs of your project. Contact us at 1300 222 558 to know more.

Our extensive fleet of the plate and double drum roller compactors are ideal for applying downward pressure and effectively filling the air pockets to achieve various density requirements for building or road works.



Why Hire From Miniquip?

You can hire modern, late model, well serviced and compliant machinery at Miniquip for a day, week or longer term, we are flexible and offer fantastic hire rates to win and retain your ongoing business. We offer the best machinery in a variant of sizes that are suitable for performing Building, Construction, Landscaping, Road, Rail and both light and heavy industrial projects. All our compactors and rollers are only available without our operators, or as we refer to it, Dry Hire.

Our Roller And Compactor Inventory

We started giving our services in 1989, today we operate a modest fleet of 170 plus items of machinery and equipment. See below our line up of compactors from AMMANN, they are the heavy hitters of compaction equipment, they are premium brand, premium quality, offered by Miniquip at razor sharp daily, weekly or longer term hire rates.

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    AMMANN APA55-46

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    85kg AMMANN ACR70D

    It is a diesel-powered vertical rammer with a butt plate length of 340mm and a width of 280mm. It is ideal for trenching in compact areas.

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    120kg AMMANN APF1850

    AMMANN APF1850 is another plate compactor with an easy pull start and simple operation. It is perfect for small jobs in tight and compact areas.

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    150kg AMMANN APR2620

    If you have a variety of stones and soils, use the 150kg AMMANN APR2620. Ideal for a huge range of civil works under harsh conditions.

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    300kg AMMANN APR3520

    Similar to the AMMANN APR2620, it is reversible and suitable for civil works. The flexibility offers an assortment of soils and stone conditions.

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    400kg AMMANN APH5020

    AMMANN APH5020 comes with an LED control panel. It allows you to perform comprehensive checks with its plate compactor.

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    550kg AMMANN APH6530

    AMMANN APH6530 is a valuable compactor in our inventory. It is ideal for heavy civil, engineering, construction and road work. It is useful to compact gravel, road base, sand, asphalt, stones and others, a very popular plate compactor.

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    750kg AMMANN APH1000-TC

    The remote control AMMANN APH1000-TC is a plate compactor. It has a range of 18 meters. Use it in confined sites where excavators or people cannot reach it.

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    850kg AMMANN APH110-95

    AMMANN APH 110-95 is an 850kg plate compactor. It is the heaviest of walk behind compactors. The unit is easy to handle and has control and climbing features, this machine is a hard hitter.

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    2.6 Ton AMMANN ARX 26-2 Twin Drum Roller

    It is designed for small compaction works in driveways, construction and cycle paths. It also can compact asphalt mix to a thickness of 120mm. These are efficient little rollers and world class quality.

Benefits We Offer

You can have the following benefits by hiring compactors and rollers from us. View our inventory now!

High Safety And Low Risk

We ensure the safety of the equipment with regular maintenance and service. The equipment is company checked and ready to use, which lowers the risk of breakdowns.

Get Flexible

Contractors and builders can massively benefit from our rental rollers, compactors and other machinery. You can get quick access to a variety of quality, well maintained machinery from our inventory, delivered to your site in record time by our in house delivery team.

Once you job has ended, simply return the machinery, close out the hire contract and you can rent them again as required for future contracts without the headache of equipment ownership.

Hire From Miniquip Today

Miniquip is the one-stop solution for all your machinery and equipment needs. Visit our website today to find the right equipment from reputable companies. Give us a call at 1300 222 558 or contact us right away.