Excavator Hire

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Miniquip’s Hire Fleet of Excavators are available for self-drive (dry hire) or we will supply you with a qualified and safety-trained operator (wet hire) to get your job done quickly, safely and efficiently. If you would like some in-depth understanding of what equipment you require, simply phone our knowledgeable team for a job assessment and we will be happy to assist you.

Construction, Demolition, Earthworks, Landscaping and Infrastructure works can be logistically difficult, especially if you do not have the right tools to get the job done. The duration of any construction job can be reduced significantly if you have the right equipment at hand with the right knowledge to use it. At Miniquip we take the guesswork out of your project.

We offer compact excavator rental services to clients that need different size excavators for different size projects. If you want cutting-edge equipment daily, weekly or monthly to ensure your project excavations works are completed on time with little or no downtime call us.

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Excavator Rental

We have an extensive range of steel and rubber tracked excavators suitable for most projects and most types of terrain. We offer excavators from 1.6ton to 14.5 tons in weight with a large selection of attachments and an average fleet age of 2.5 years to ensure reliability throughout our fleet.

Hire An Excavation Fleet That Moves Fast

Our machinery operators have years of experience in all aspects of construction earthworks, with a diverse knowledge base across our team from our operators on the ground to the supervisors & fleet controllers in our head office. We are not simply a hire company that will send you the equipment, we offer you a total compact earthmoving solution. Contact us, and we will help you complete your project as efficiently as possible. Our team will discuss the scale of the project with you or your personnel or management team and offer a solution accordingly. Whether you are working in tight or confined spaces or a compact site environment we have the solution.

Uses Of Excavators

Whether its Hiring equipment for Construction, Mining, Demolition, Landscaping, Civil Contracting or Infrastructure, SAFETY is our number one consideration, which is why our machines are equipped with the following safety features:

  • Battery isolators

  • Amber beacons

  • Fire extinguishers

  • E-stops

  • UHF radios

  • Hi-viz strip tapes

  • Reverse cameras

Every machine also comes with an operating manual or you can access online from our website.

Types Of Excavators

Are you looking for equipment that can help you with general trenching or earthworks? Or maybe your project needs compact excavators for confined or limited access? We offer an extensive range of excavators suitable for any job, whether it’s a 1 metre wide side property gate, squeezing into a service elevator for multi story strip outs or working under a conveyor belts we have the compact solution and the equipment to keep you covered.

Rent an excavator that meets your needs the first time. Contact us today for a consultation and a quotation on your rental equipment, it could save you thousands of dollars.

Need Excavator Rental? – We Got You Covered

Whether you are looking to get an excavator on rent for your team to complete a task on self-drive or require a trained excavator operator that is qualified to get the job done while keeping all safety protocols in check, look no further.

We understand excavation can be difficult, and procuring the equipment can be worse. But that’s only when you don’t have us on your team. Call us today to book your excavator or talk to one of the construction experts that can help you on your next construction contract, we are always happy to assist.