Multi Terrain Loaders Hire

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Miniquip’s Hire Fleet of Multi Terrain Loaders are available for self-drive (dry hire) or we will supply you with a qualified and safety trained operator (wet hire) to get your job done quickly and safely. If you would like some in-depth understanding of what equipment you require, simply phone our knowledgeable team for a job assessment and we will gladly assist you.

A multi-terrain loader is one of the most valuable pieces of equipment on any construction site. At Miniquip, we have a range of quality rubber compact track multi-terrain loaders that match the requirements of most jobs.

Set your project up for success by hiring a powerful track loader that makes light work of any challenge.

Whether you need compact track loaders to work in a tight or confined space or a powerful rubber track multi-terrain loader for bulking out soil or leveling for a new concrete pad, we’ll have the earthmoving equipment to get your job done.

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Multi-Terrain Loaders

No matter which multi-terrain loader you choose, the machinery you hire will be equipped for almost any terrain. Our loaders come with rubber tracks that provide excellent grip and durability while allowing for easy maneuverability. Multi-terrain loaders can travel on grass, gravel, loose sand and in some cases, wet boggy & muddy conditions.

Uses for Multi-Terrain Loaders

Multi-terrain loaders can be used on almost any surface, making them the most optimal choice to complete earthworks jobs. Whether you need to move soils and material in an industrial setting, complete site preparation on a construction project or a small landscaping project, our range of loaders will get the job done efficiently.

The versatility and range of our rubber-tracked loaders mean there are not too many tasks that one of these powerful little machines cannot get done efficiently on a worksite. Our loaders are specified with the safety needs of different professions in mind with varying options available such as battery isolators, amber beacons, fire extinguishers, e-stops, UHF radios, hi-viz tapes, reverse cameras. We include operator manuals in all machinery at the time of hire also available for download on our website 24/7 for your plant operator familiarization.

We have a range of sizes and models available to suit every budget and every application in most conditions. Give us a call; we are here to help.

Miniquip Multi-Terrain Loader Hire

If you’re hiring a mini loader, you’re probably looking for an experienced company that knows what to do with these mighty little machines.

At Miniquip, we have more than two decades of experience in the hire industry and are always up-to-date on the newest technologies & safety features with a fleet with an average age of under 2.5 years. We know what it takes to get your job done safely, reliably and efficiently, whether its dry hire or wet hire, where we supply you the machine fuel & operator; Miniquip have the experience to offer a premium service with reasonable rates for quality plant hire services for short or long term projects.

With our multi-terrain loaders available, you’ll be able to complete any job quickly and efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the operating capacity of your loaders?

What kind of machine do I need?

The type you need all depends on what you’re doing. If you want a compact mini loader to work in a tight space, rent a mini loader with the correct operating capacity. If you have plenty of room to work with, go bigger! Regardless of the project, we have the right loader for you!

What attachments can you add to a multi-terrain loader?

A loader can use various attachments depending on your project application. Loaders generally come standard with a general-purpose bucket, but you can also equip them with a hydraulic 4in1 type bucket, forks, chain trenchers, rippers, post hole augers, leveler bars, sweeper brooms, and more. You can also add a hire trailer to move the compact track loaders from site to site!

Looking for Posi Track Hire?

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