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Kubota Overview

We offer an extensive range of Kubota machinery for hire, which is renowned for its high performance, safety and durability. Our fleet includes powerful mini excavators, wheel loaders, and track loaders designed to meet various demands in civil, construction, and landscaping projects.


Our Kubota Excavators

Excavators: Our Kubota excavators are built for reliability, ensuring that operations run smoothly with minimal downtime. We maintain a selection of models with diverse specifications, tailored to different job requirements.
Comfort: Operator comfort is a priority; cabs are engineered for ergonomic seating and easy-to-use controls.
Safety: Overall safety for all operators is paramount with ROPS canopies or cabins fitted on all our machinery.
Power: Advanced engines deliver the power needed for heavy lifting and efficient earthmoving.
Environment: We emphasise the importance of environmentally friendly options, including models with lower emissions and better fuel economy.

Types Of Kubota Machinery

Tracked Excavators: These machines are essential for their versatility on job sites with steel track or rubber track options available.

Mini Excavators: Our Excavators are suitable for a variety of tasks, from general excavation, to more detailed works including drainage, rock breaking, site levelling.

Durability: Strong build quality ensures they withstand the rigours of daily use.

Reliability: Regular maintenance & safety checks guarantee consistent performance.

Flexibility: We have a large selection of excavator attachments to suit most tasks.

In our commitment to quality, we ensure each piece of equipment is thoroughly inspected and maintained before hire. Trust us for your machinery needs — we provide powerful, reliable, safe and efficient solutions to optimise your project’s success.

Construction Vehicle Availability

When it comes to meeting your construction project needs, we offer a comprehensive lineup of vehicles and equipment that are ready to tackle any job.

Browse Our Range
We take pride in providing a diverse selection of construction vehicles and equipment to enhance productivity on the job site. Our fleet features excavators, Tippers and multi terrain loaders, each with a range of specifications to suit various tasks. We also offer a variety of optional attachments, which allow for the customisation of machinery to meet the specific demands of your project.

Compact Excavators: Ideal for space-restricted projects.

Multi Terrain Loaders: Offer high performance for bulk material handling.

Tippers: To move your spoil or materials offsite.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we’ll address some common queries about Kubota machinery hire, focusing on excavator models, brand comparisons, and what sets different equipment apart.

What Are Kubota Excavators Known For?

Kubota excavators are recognised for their reliability, safety and productive capabilities. The engines that power these machines are designed by Kubota themselves, ensuring optimal performance and compatibility. When considering the best value for money, Kubota’s excavators are a strong contender due to their durability and cost-effectiveness over time.

Who Makes Kubota Excavators?

Kubota Corporation, a reputable Japanese company, manufactures these excavators renowned for their engineering precision.

Are Kubota Excavators A Good Choice?

Yes, they are known for their high productivity and reliability, which contribute to their popularity in various industries.

Can I Trust The Miniquip Customer Service Team?

Rest assured, our knowledgeable team is committed to providing top-tier customer support. Whatever your needs, we’re here to ensure a seamless hire experience.

Who Do I Reach Out To For Contact And Support?

For assistance with Kubota Machinery Hire, our support team is available and ready to help. Below is the information you need to reach us for any inquiries or support related to our machinery hire services.

What Additional Equipment Details Can Miniquip Offer?

When considering Kubota Machinery Hire, we provide a range of additional equipment to enhance the versatility and efficiency of our machines. Our inventory is meticulously maintained, ensuring each piece meets rigorous quality standards.

Buckets: We supply a variety of bucket sizes to fit different Kubota models. These attachments are crucial for specific tasks such as digging, raking, and loading. We offer attachments such as: Standard Digging Bucket, Rake Bucket and Batter Bucket.

With three buckets included with most hires, clients have the flexibility to tackle various jobs without the need to switch machines.

Trailers: Our trailers are robust and designed for easy loading and transportation of small Kubota machinery. They adhere to safety regulations, ensuring a secure haul to any job site. We understand the importance of convenience, which is why we offer trailer Hire with select machinery hires. This inclusion helps our clients save on transport costs and adds value to our service.

Equipment Type Availability

Our team is always ready to assist with pairing the right equipment with your hire, making sure you have exactly what’s needed for the project at hand. We are committed to delivering not just machinery, but comprehensive solutions that contribute to the success of our clients’ operations.

Are Miniquip’s Kubota Machines Well Maintained And Serviced?

Our maintenance program ensures that each vehicle or piece of equipment is in peak condition. The team of skilled technicians adheres to a strict service schedule, upholding the reliability and longevity of our equipment. Regular servicing not only maintains the equipment’s effectiveness but also guarantees the comfort and safety of the operator.

Daily Inspections: Include checking fluid levels and inspecting for any wear and tear.
Regular Maintenance: Consists of engine checks, hydraulic system maintenance, and more.

Improved Performance And Safety

We are committed to offering equipment that leads to improved performance and ensures operator safety. Our vehicles are designed with advanced features that maximise efficiency and support the rigorous demands of construction work. Operators can benefit from enhanced comfort features that reduce fatigue, bolstering both safety and job site productivity.

Safety Features: Include roll-over protection structures (ROPS) and fall-on protection structures (FOPS).
Performance Enhancements: Comprise of high-tech hydraulics and powertrain technologies.

Through a combination of our well-maintained fleet, support from our experienced team, and a range of vehicles fit for every need, we stand ready to assist you with dependable construction vehicle hire services.

What Is The Rental Information For Miniquip’s Kubota Machines?

When considering hiring Kubota machinery, we offer a diverse fleet suitable for a vast range of projects. Our hire rates are competitive and transparent, ensuring clients receive the best value for their investment.

Company owned fleet of transporters offer statewide delivery service.

Booking Process:
Browse our catalogue to select the appropriate machinery.
Contact us to confirm availability and receive a comprehensive quote.
Agree upon hire terms and schedule the delivery.

For all our hires, We offer insurance coverage options through our preferred insurer to give you peace of mind during your rental period, alternatively provide your own Hired In Plant Insurance and save on insurance charges.

If you require assistance or have specific project needs, our team is equipped to provide recommendations and support. Reach out to us to discuss how our Kubota machinery can help accomplish your tasks efficiently, safely and effectively.