Tip Truck Hire

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Are you looking for a self-drive tip truck or a truck with a safety-trained and qualified operator to help you with your next project?

Miniquip’s Hire fleet of tip trucks brings you cost-effective and reliable equipment to remove or transfer: gravel, soil, tree cuttings, and other material from your construction project.

No matter the need or project type, we have a range of tip trucks you can depend on to deal with various construction project emergencies and transportation needs. Not to mention, our tip trucks can help you with all kinds of construction projects.

We’re industry leaders known for providing efficient solutions. Once you rent out the equipment, our factory-trained and experienced technicians routinely inspect tip trucks or other equipment to ensure they operate properly to help you finish the project on time and without delay.

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Tip Trucks

Also called tipper trucks, tip trucks are standard equipment at various civil construction, building, landscaping, infrastructure, roadwork and rail job sites.

At Miniquip, you’ll find a range of tip trucks to choose from for your diverse project needs.

Uses Of Tipper Trucks

Want a reliable, efficient, and powerful tip truck to help you remove or transport material to and from your various construction projects? Rent out the right equipment from Miniquip’s fleet of premium tip trucks!

Commonly known as Tippers, our Tip Trucks can carry construction aggregate, crushed rocks, and other materials, including soil, to and from construction sites.

In addition to that, you can utilise them to remove debris and rubble from construction and demolition sites. Listed below are a few uses and applications for tip trucks:

  • Exacavation Hauling

  • Transportation

Our tip trucks can be used for several things, including construction projects. With our reliable and efficient trucks, you can finish your projects safely, efficiently, and quickly.

Miniquip Tip Trucks Hire

Construction projects can be tricky and challenging. They become more so when you lack reliable and effective equipment to finish the job. Miniquip can help!

We’re industry experts offering one of the best tip truck rental solutions to all clientele throughout the construction industry. Use our efficient Tipper Trucks to reduce your project’s time, effort, and duration.

Seeking a state-of-the-art tip truck to help finish the project? Look no further! Our tipper trucks can help you do the job timely and productively.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How To Choose The Best Rent Out Tip Truck For Your Job?

Though tip trucks vary based on the project type, requirements, location, and more, if you want to complete your construction project on time and efficiently, consider the following things when renting out a tipper for your job:

  • How much does the tip truck carry?
  • Transmission type – Manual or Automatic
  • The type of materials you’ll remove and transport
  • The driver’s licence required for the size of the truck
  • The site access & conditions

Do You Provide Operators With Tippers?

Of course! At Miniquip, you can rent out self-drive tip trucks or trucks with qualified and highly-trained operators. Miniquip provides reliable equipment to ensure work is done properly and timely, whatever the construction project or your needs.

Why Hire A Tip Truck?

Designed to remove and transport small to heavy loads, tip trucks can help you move loose materials from one place to another within the same job site or offset to landfill/your next job site.