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Oval gear electronic flow meters and oval gear pulser flow meters for controlling the dispensing of lubricating oils and diesel. Body with aluminium measuring chamber. The operating principle of the oval gears allows for a high degree of accuracy when measuring and reduced loss of pressure. The new K400 can be used either in-line on hoses, or on the nozzle, for instantaneous measuring of the fluid dispensed.

Diesel Transfer Equipment
Key Features
Suitable for oil, diesel, antifreeze
Measurement resolution of 0.005 litres
Accurate to ± 1% (after calibration)
120 L/min flow rate
Batch readout (maximum): 99999 litres
Total readout (maximum): 999999 litres (plus x10 & x100)
Options AvailableRubber Meter Protector (F08277000)

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