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Fitted with a 12-volt diesel pump, delivery hose, and auto shut-off gun.

Code: SQDN200-7
The rugged Selecta Diesel range transfer tanks are available in a range of capacities from 50 litres to 2200 litres, with a range of pump options also available.
Diesel Transfer Equipment
Key Features
UV Stibilised diesel grade polyethylene polytuff tank
12 volt Diesel Power self-priming pump
40 L/min open flow
High quality auto shut-off trigger
4 m of ¾” delivery hose with swivel and crimped fittings
4 m wiring harness with alligator clips
Suction foot screen filter on internal suction line
Safety bottom fill drop tube
30 min duty cycle, 30 min on/off
Features baffled tank to reduce surge when travelling
Options AvailableInline litre counter (PF11-X3)

Tank Size: 200.00 litres
Pump Size 40.00 L/min
Height/Width/Depth 550mm / 640mm / 1,100mm
Product Weight 24.00 KG
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