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Plate Compactors Hire

Plate Compactors at MiniQuip Equipment HireIncredible compaction force along with fast forward and reverse travel means the DPU 6555 achieves great productivity. It is an all-around versatile plate for all job sites that place extreme demands on the machine's performance potential. Another outstanding characteristic is its high operator comfort.

Operating data
Operating weight
Centrifugal force
Base plate size (W x L)
Base plate thickness
Height (without guide handle)
Operating width (without extension plate)
Operating width (with extension plate)
Advance travel max. (depending on soil & environmental factors)
Surface capacity max. (depending on soil & environmental factors)
1,049 lb
14,612 lbf
21.7 in
0.47 in
34.2 in
22.1 in
27.9 in
69 Hz
91.9 ft/min
12,841 ft²/h


We recommend wearing the following safety equipment:


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