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8 Ton Kubota

8 Ton Kubota - Rubber Tracked Excavator

Kubota 8.0 tonne class excavator KX080-3 is fitted with an hydraulic tilt hitch (on select models) that makes working on drainage, batters or detailed excavation more precise, productive and cost effective to the hirer.

The Kubota excavator offers superior breakout force with its 3-pump load sensing hydraulic system, large comfortable air conditioned ROPS/FOPS certified cabin, digging overload alarm, rubber tracks, selection of buckets & attachments and TPSS, the two pattern selection system to change control styles from ISO pattern to SAE Backhoe pattern with the simple turn of a switch.

Width: 2200mm
Height: 2600mm
Tracks: Rubber Pads
Dig Depth: 3850mm Vertical Depth
Bucket with Teeth 330, 750mm
Bucket no Teeth 620, 900, 1460mm
Attachments Rock Breaker, Grab, Rake Bucket,
Tilt Hitch available on selected units
Features ROPS FOPS Enclosed A/C Cabin, Amber Beacon,
Travel Alarm, Fire Extinguisher, Rubber Tracks



We recommend wearing the following safety equipment: