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21.0 Ton Volvo

21 Ton Volvo - Steel Tracked Excavator

The engine is a turbocharged, 4-stroke diesel engine with water cooling, direct injection and charged air cooler. This engine has been specifically designed for excavators giving you good fuel economy, low noise emission levels, and a long service life.

The hydraulic system, also known as the “Integrated Work Mode System”, is designed for high-productivity, high-digging capacity, high-maneuvering precision and good fuel economy. The summation system, boom, arm and swing priority along with boom and arm regeneration provide optimum performance.

The operator’s cab has easy access via a wide door opening. The cab is supported on hydraulic dampening mounts to reduce shock and vibration levels. These along with sound absorbing lining provide low noise levels. The cab has excellent all-round visibility. The front windshield can easily slide up into the ceiling and the lower front glass can be removed and stored in the side door.



We recommend wearing the following safety equipment:


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